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This is just my corner of the internet for exploring out loud as I build up my foundations with Galatibessus.

Introducing Bonâ Bannobrogi!

I am very excited to let anyone reading this know that I’ve launched a different blog specifically focused on Gallo-Pyrenean practice, Bonâ Bannobrogi. Bonâ means “village, foundation, groundwork,” and I have not fully settled on which of those particular words is the one I actually mean, because they all work in context of what I’m … Continue reading Introducing Bonâ Bannobrogi!

Anagantios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:An effective communicator will always care,whether with their good or bad intentions,for what it’s worth.  Spread them outacross the table like dominoes – flip them overand let the proof lie – they say their own mind. The organization of text too, is a part of speakingbeyond your part, … Continue reading Anagantios 5021