Welcome, and thank you for joining me on my journey into Gaulish Polytheism!

This is just my corner of the internet, to start exploring out loud as I build up a working foundation in Gaulish Polytheism.

Dumanios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:Using the letters given to facilitate larger thought is noble when done in trust. Actions behind words serve up well at a feast, full and fat with praise. Questions can be more important than answers, for everything starts somewhere. Share the tongue along the table, for it is tender. Toutatis:We … Continue reading Dumanios 5021

Samonios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:There is knowledge in the letters of each word, if people see them.The tongue is sweet, and the sweat is sweeter than tears, child.What do you not need?  Be descriptive – people do not read minds. Toutatis:Your four walls build uptowards the sky,a sword thrust high. The … Continue reading Samonios 5021