Riuros 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here)

Words weigh more with honor – use them well. 
Words build truthfully the blocks upon which you stand. 
But there is always time to be quiet as well. 
Your tongue, their tongues, the tongue of the lamb gone free
to all, to none, to one, the only one you want.

You know my name from the flames
of creating, across you and time itself. 
Building back stronger with time –
always with time.  The details matter,
and there is nothing wrong with sitting with heaviness.

Your honor sounds loud– speak with force, proudly. 
Grace in patience, patience in grace –
care in yourself, care for the gods and mortals alike. 
Claws set light on the shoulder chirping with sighs
and the size does not matter – it’s the feeling. 
Hung low in the womb awaiting, there is hope – let it go.

Laughter, ringing, sounds through the ribs holding fast,
the breath swift through you slowly returns. 
All things needing time require doing –
remember that when things need to get done. 
There are some fates in your DNA –
these are not so easily avoided, merely managed,
as many things are.  You’re grasping a wheel,
which way will you turn it?  It goes on, will you?

Your eyes see more every day
as you attune to destiny. 
You fidget with our ring without realizing
that you are always thinking of them,
and you honor all.
The stillness in the dark echoes in one’s soul,
and forward and backward in the mind, speaking – so listen.

Observe everything. 
Analyze all. 
Grow accordingly. 

Brave and bold and brash –
relax as well, young one. 

The stretch will pay off – speak up. 

Waters come in in many ways –
as movement goes, let it drop to the floor.

Lidian (one of my Suleuiâ):
No better place to wash the feathers than the rain. 

People have discussed this forever – I’ve heard them. 
Read more, and listen the most. 

There’s a time for the on-button,
and a time for the off-button –
let’s figure it out. 

Wings, leaves green,
high fly, above the clouds,
sky eyes, bright.

One foot in the river and one in the sea,
always drifting, water logged,
seeking firm shore. 

There we sit in the world,
in the mind; it holds every breath here,
to sequester for the beyond.

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