Introducing Bonâ Bannobrogi!

I am very excited to let anyone reading this know that I’ve launched a different blog specifically focused on Gallo-Pyrenean practice, Bonâ Bannobrogi.

Bonâ means “village, foundation, groundwork,” and I have not fully settled on which of those particular words is the one I actually mean, because they all work in context of what I’m trying to do with codifying my particular Gallo-Pyrenean practice. I hope my practice becomes a village for others looking for Gallo-Pyrenean practices. I hope I am building a foundation for this practice that honors and respects its original source material, the senobessus of ancient Gaulish peoples and other cultures along the Pyrenees. This is a groundwork that I hope leads to a continuing tradition well beyond myself, for the greater Gaulish community.

Bannobrogi came very early and immediately into the thought of “I should write this down somewhere.” It means “mountain district.” I wanted something that reflected the geographic focus on mountains, and I wanted to avoid appropriation towards the Basque people, whom have a connection directly to the Vascones and an etymological connection to the Aquitanian peoples of Gallia Aquitania.

I’ve spent the last two months blocking out framework for holidays and tenets based on seasonal cycles from the Pyrenees, and with inspiration from events that still happen in the Pyrenees today, such as bear festivals on February 2nd and the divination of the grasshoppers on January 12th or the first Sunday after that. I’ve also been researching deities from along the Pyrenees, and hope to keep bringing reconstructions and interpretations of these deities in modern day practice to the greater Gaulish community.

Let me know what you all think by checking it out here.

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