Ogronios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here)

The words clatter in the basin ringing…
Notes speak like rhinestones in spotlight,
with all the bright light of nature and you. 
Your words wander thick across the pages
and days and years, licking time itself. 
When you set up words,
don’t be surprised to hear them in use.   

Galatos (Toutatis):
In the basin of the soul,
we heal in the rest of time.
And everything touches,
the water is in, out, within,
you are everywhere and thing, and…
there is all there is. 
To be there for another in need –
to show support in circumstance –
divine Cathu Alesia! 
The bear claws in the mind only as energy allows –
even the brawniest hibernate.

Good council occurs on all levels if necessary –
embrace the empathy you show. 
The good guiding leads with suggestion,
not always force – be mindful, always, of this. 
The good guides of the community guide all of you –   
and when the fog clears, there is the cave entrance, awaiting.

Feeling takes up energy – do not be afraid to be tired. 
The mother nesting with child is the foundation of the sacred. 
The ages, they age with no regards to the age of humans,
just the way a canyon grows thick in the land. 
And in others arms, there is the growth of years rogue in love.

The roots in your bones
stack in the eons of every cell. 
Grandmothers watching keenly
send their eternal regards from the badger cave. 
The ancestors partake of the waters and wine
and declare it accepted as honor for Alesia. 
Wear with pride the lion skins of the ancestor tribe,
they call to you with carnyx loud!

Honey musk hung under the moon, across the fantastic branches. 
The sett is laid out and organized, and awaits the arrival of cubs – bring them forth. 
The gods have you held close, whispering echoing through the stalactites. 
Today we left the sett- the mountain air tastes like serenity.

River blood, cast upon the years like ink in the wet season on the land. 
Making waves, the wake on the river runs hard. 
Ankle deep and sinking to your knees, head down to the river to pray. 
All is gaseous and wild, captured just for now –
the universe knows none of folly and all too well.

The ways catch their edges on my antlers –
grasp them, and pull upon the possibilities. 
And the water consumed courses,
and consumes you with its misted veil –
it knows, and now you know.

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