Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG) lays out a template for daily rites following the Coligny Calendar, in honor of our Toutâdêuoi. This helps reinforce the first of the Trirextoues Bessous, Dugie Dêuoi – “Honor the Dêuoi (Gods),” particularly in relation to Erissiâ (piety). It also fosters a greater understanding and awareness of the Coligny Calendar cycle.

For my daily dedmatâ, I decided to offer up a line of poetry each night. I already write regularly, so this seemed a fitting way to do something specific with a talent I already have, to foster closeness with the Toutâdêuoi. After lighting candles, turning on the fountain, and spending a few minutes in meditation, I open myself up to the energy of the Toutâdêuoi or dêuoi I am looking to connect with. Sometimes phrases came through; sometimes smells or sensations or visuals; sometimes I went with the prinni (staves) I had pulled from them to coalesce a line for them. I’m recording them all in a line-a-day journal, which is working out very well so far.

In any case, I intend to, after each month is over, post the poetry I’ve written. This may take the form of breaking it out by each day; breaking it out by dêuoi; or I may come up with another creative way to present it in the future. That’s the beauty of going back to compile all the lines at the end of the month – the overall message can be surprising, obvious, marvelous.

I hope you enjoy.

Simiuisonna 5020

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios: Tongue thick with honey, dreams like centerfolds,there’s no shadow cast with die regarding you.  Syllabic tongue tasting plain words seeks to make them plainer,like they might be utilized to cut to the bone.Sky writing in the smoke the language Albios knows –the stars can lick the … Continue reading Simiuisonna 5020

Equos 5020

Ogmios:A lead tongue leads only deep –the wound festers for want of liquid lungsand dry voice of truth. Tongue thick, sink your ship into the slips of timeand suckle the world for sweet relief. Drag the ink along the body of another with the eyes,longing to taste the bittersweet. Words have emotion, and should be … Continue reading Equos 5020

Elembi 5020

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) (This was a weird month for me personally, as I had COVID-19 and some short-term memory issues. Making letters was hard! I had to actively try to remember what letters looked like. Trying to decipher my handwriting from this time was fun. Any time I spent writing … Continue reading Elembi 5020

Aedrinni 5020

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios: Words are only half of listening,the most of being heard.  Words wielded act as they cut.Let them or don’t.  Inhaling words will help you eventually speak. The syllables flow; with time, healing comes. Toutatis: Don’t let the armor sour with rust. Build yourself a bastionand there you may … Continue reading Aedrinni 5020

Cantlos 5020

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:Weaving is used for words and thread-both entangle and bind.Listening is healing –absorb and deploy it wisely.Words in a rhythm,so powerfully given, oh gods!What goes around, comes around,and pays you back, or not. Toutatis:Militant sand in your veins defends the meaning of friendship,stands by your side in … Continue reading Cantlos 5020

Samonios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:There is knowledge in the letters of each word, if people see them.The tongue is sweet, and the sweat is sweeter than tears, child.What do you not need?  Be descriptive – people do not read minds. Toutatis:Your four walls build uptowards the sky,a sword thrust high. The … Continue reading Samonios 5021

Dumanios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:Using the letters given to facilitate larger thought is noble when done in trust. Actions behind words serve up well at a feast, full and fat with praise. Questions can be more important than answers, for everything starts somewhere. Share the tongue along the table, for it is tender. Toutatis:We … Continue reading Dumanios 5021

Riuros 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:Words weigh more with honor – use them well. Words build truthfully the blocks upon which you stand. But there is always time to be quiet as well. Your tongue, their tongues, the tongue of the lamb gone freeto all, to none, to one, the only one you want. Galatos:You … Continue reading Riuros 5021

Anagantios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:An effective communicator will always care,whether with their good or bad intentions,for what it’s worth.  Spread them outacross the table like dominoes – flip them overand let the proof lie – they say their own mind. The organization of text too, is a part of speakingbeyond your part, … Continue reading Anagantios 5021

Ogronios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here) Ogmios:The words clatter in the basin ringing…Notes speak like rhinestones in spotlight,with all the bright light of nature and you. Your words wander thick across the pagesand days and years, licking time itself. When you set up words,don’t be surprised to hear them in use.    Galatos (Toutatis):In the … Continue reading Ogronios 5021