Dumanios 5021

(For an explanation of the dedmatâ, click here)

Using the letters given to facilitate larger thought is noble when done in trust. 
Actions behind words serve up well at a feast, full and fat with praise. 
Questions can be more important than answers, for everything starts somewhere. 
Share the tongue along the table, for it is tender.

We build around you to protect you–
we are with you, holding you firmly. 
Cleanse – let the feeling flood you with vigor
and let everything go.  Building blocks around you
are made of more than sand – lean upon them.
Every friend is another brick in the bastion, and all are precious.

You put yourself first when you are unwell,
as you should.  A dry well cannot serve its people. 
Gateposts standing firmly in the loamy soil, here for you. 
Sitting upon your shoulders, these wings fresh fledged in springtime – fly.
The calm will settle and stay with you – peace, child.

There’s no place like home. 
Closely held, close to the chest,
waiting for relief, making your bed. 
Mothering the young becomes easier with time, if you’re invested. 
Your challenge was overcome and today is the start of life anew –
rest well, for you will need it.

We stand guard like pillars in the sun. 
Blood deep blood, causing a beautiful time of ruin – tend it well. 
We hold you close – we hear you better – we move you. 
We witness you, for you are one of us, young one, will eventually be us –
we stand with your physical life.

There is so much maintenance in the sett –
it feels good to accomplish it. 
Claws deep in the heart crush the fear and pain
like the past into dust. 
Breathe in, take deeply what you deserve –
the light is coming again. 
The heartbeat needs its rest –
lie in the sett and feel its fingertips relax.

Lily-Rose/Mandy (one of my Regentiâ):
Let me pour you a metaphysical drink and tonic for what ails you, daughter-sister-mine. 
All the things we did just to keep oneself alive. 
Friends and family around you tightly, chanting “you are not alone.” 
Grandmother follows you home, and holds you in love, fiercely in love.

In the light of the sky at night, there is so much peace in the clouds.

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